Monday 22 February 2010

Trouble at the MOD Abbey Wood parking facility

We are busy documenting the theft of a parking option from South Gloucester. First the MOD ticket people they feel were interfering with bicycle crossings. Now someone else is putting a note into all the cars claiming the road is private.

We would kindly ask you NOT to park on this PRIVATE road
With effect from 22nd February 2010 any unauthorised vehicles will be
immobilised or removed at a cost to the owner
We thank you for your co-operation
0117 902 3339

Question is, why persecute the cars? This dual lane leads to the HP site which is nowhere near as busy as it was before, and to a housing project on the edge of survival -but one on which traffic problems on this slip road aren't going to be the cause of people opting not to buy a house here.
The only conflict here is bicycles and car owners walking to work on the bike/pedestrian pavement. We propose a speed limit on the bicycles or banning them from the area.

Anyway, Feb 22 is today, we shall watch what happens.

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