Thursday, 29 July 2010

Police Harass taxis in Broadmead

Following our posting on taxis in Union Street/Nelson Street, in which we showed that the sign allowing bicycles and taxis only was outdated, we have some sad news from the local police.

Someone took our photographs, and notified the bit of the council that licenses taxis, who then acted on the complaints. According to a letter which was forwarded to us:
Police and PCSO's monitored the road yesterday afternoon and fixed penalty notices were issued to City Council licensed drivers and to other motorists.

Further operations of this nature are envisaged, as these vehicles are in violation of the Driving Order.
The web site goes into more detail, saying that people got ticketed simply for driving down a road somewhere where they shouldn't.

This is mindless anticar persecution. Yes, if you look at the video one or two taxis appear to ignore the restriction on taxis, but as they are allowed on most other bus lanes, why not this one?

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Unknown said...

Makes more sense to think of it as "if they're not allowed on this one then why aren't they banned from the other ones too?"

Maybe ask Noel Edmonds?