Tuesday 23 August 2011

You can't ticket me: I have diplomatic immunity

Chris Chalkley, President for Life of the PRSC, almost gets a ticket for being double-yellow line parked on Jamaica Street.

First he tries the "I have diplomatic immunity gambit", which fails. Time for a plan B.
"Ticket that van first", as he points to the other van, while he hurriedly drives off with his to park round the corner.


Quercus said...

Chris has told me he parks here to calm the traffic. I can agree with the rationale, given the timing of the lights in Stokes Croft, which seem to encourage a high-speed getaway when they finally change. Jamaica Street is flat and straight, so 50mph is the obvious goal here after all.

If you're unlucky enough to be a cyclist that has actually made it to the ASL you'll invariably be hooted as someone important rushes to get to the next set of lights to wait for another green light.

Of course, if Chris parked in the middle of the road, on the dashed white lines, instead of on the double yellows a different set of rules would apply, and he'd only be bothered by the police, not by pesky traffic wardens.

andy said...

Rubbish, he parks there because it is outside his shop.

andy said...

he parks there because it is outside his shop, not for the consideration of other road users.

Quercus said...

OK, fair play.