Sunday, 4 October 2009

Barely rebellious

We know the bicycles in the city are lawless subsersives who deserved to be imprisioned.

But exactly how lawless are they?

Here: someone carefully pootling over the junction of Coldharbour and Cranbook Roads, no helmet, no hi-viz, bag dangling from the handlebars.

Compare this with these fixie troublemakers in New York (link credit to "tag")

At least those subsersives are going to kill themselves and any pedestrians they run into, so saving the NYPD the effort of shooting them.

Now look at this messenger in London (link from Adam):

Again getting in the way of tax paying vans and taxis, as well as contraflowing one-way streets, but clearly cycling round the city like someone who has decided to commit suicide in London in a more interesting way than jumping under a tube train.

Now look back at the first cyclist, the one quietly going across a suburban road on red? They're not in the same league are they? They think they are rebellious, but they are as rebellious as those swiss teenagers who put on freshly ironed Iron-Maiden T-shirts every day and come home by 9pm after telling their mum where they aer going to be. Our city's cyclists -they think they are rebels, but they are not.

1 comment:

Adam said...

Is this real or orchestrated for a music video...

Slick production makes it look staged. Contains every cycling misdemeanor you could possibly need to fuel any anti cycling grudges.

Low quality doesn't necessarily have to mean real though, as advertising agencies are realising...