Sunday, 11 October 2009

Shoes with Wheels

We have recently focused a little attention on those free-loading skateboarder types that imagine themselves above the law, but still have the temerity to use our streets and pavements. Unlike we motorists, they do not need a licence.

Nor do users of wheeled shoes, either.

Even worse, dog licences were abolished in 1987 in the UK. And not one of the main political parties sees the (long overdue if you ask me) necessity for the introduction of cycle licences.

No wonder we motorists feel so persecuted!


Old Holborn said...

This is appalling. The bloke in the hat is also drunk in charge of children, therefore a menace to both pedestrians AND people parked on the pavement. Somebody could lose a wing mirror!

SteveL said...

Given that a lot of dogs will be RFID chipped for pet passports, it would be easier to justify RFID tracking of dogs and bicycles as the same (pavement mounted) sensors could handle both. We could then cross-correlate this data with chip and pin info from pubs, and see who is walking a dog in the streets after buying an excessive amount of beer. Yes, there would be value here. It would also aid in blame assignment for those wing-mirror damage claims.

Quercus said...

What hat?