Monday, 19 October 2009

Not No-Entry, Slow-downs signs

In our Friday Brain Teaser, some people commented on the no-entry signs at the entrance.

These people need to get a newly-updated "Bristol Highway Code" document, which will bring them up to date with recent changes in the meaning of signs. For the particular Red Circle with White Minus, it's severity has been downgraded.

Old: Do not enter this road
New: Slow down when entering this road

The vehicle heading down Marlborough Hill, WR09FRJ is adhering to the new signage, as the brake lights show that they are slowing down on entering the one-way system from the low-priority entrance.

Bristol Traffic welcomes contributions showing this sign's new meaning being followed, as well as other recent changes in the meaning of other signs.


Anonymous said...

This seems to be the case in our village too, but only for certain drivers in fast cars. Unfortunately some naughty cyclists are actually slowing cars down.

Adam said...

Unless they're used at plug points to stop you entering one end of a two way road. Over on the east side of Bristol these signs mean "put your foot down and you'll get through the 10ft plug point before anyone notices you... even those traffic officers observing the junction that are standing right next to you", as happened a couple of days ago.