Thursday 22 October 2009

Half-man Half-car

Just moments after recording the appalling Jay Walking incident in Bristol's famous Gloucester Road, our roaming reporter managed to snap this incredible photo of a new mode of transport.

Our team of investigative journalists tell us this vehicle was developed in secret by the CIA in collaboration with Firstbus, and that this is the new hybrid "Manvan" (tm). We're not so sure.

However, this radical new vehicle (part human, part cabriolet, part something else) could be the solution to all our urban traffic problems and the ultimate transport salvation of inner city Bristol.

Half Man, Half Car. Genius.

Early adopters 'Trade Link Retail Services" are seen here testing the concept on an ASL on Gloucester Road, probably because the vehicle is, at this early stage of development, apparently only pedal-powered (for legal reasons).

But... a wider roll-out is expected next year following further testing of the prototypes.

If the extensive trials currently taking place on Bristol's red tarmac prove successful a motorised version of this van, and even cars, buses and lorries, may then become upgrade options.

Can't wait.

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