Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Build-outs: for safer deliveries

One of the big problems of the council is how to ensure safety of delivery van drivers. They have a hazardous life, always trying to find somewhere close to the dropoff point, always popping in and out of the drivers entrance to the vehicle, and often having to do this by stepping out onto the road round a van that is parked so as to destroy pedestrian visibility.

Although they lack their own militant pressure group, we keep an eye on them and what measures could be taken to help make this town become "delivery van city"

On this weekday morning, at 08:15 - the school pedestrian rush- we were pleased to see one of the new delivery van dropoff points in action, here on the junction of Whiteladies Road and Cotham Hill

By pulling onto the pavement the driver of YA55VDY was able to stop without inconveniencing any tax-payers, and unload their wares straight into the shop, before continuing on their way to their next destination. The only hard part of using this build-out was getting up onto the kerb, but by pulling onto the lowered crossing area at full speed, they were able to do this quite smoothly-once all the schoolkids and parents jumped out the way!

If only the rest of the city provided such dedicated vehicle delivery facilities!


Neil Harrison said...

This is not acceptable. I have alerted the local police beat manager to this and will be pressing for him to take action. I am also continuing to press for action on the chaos caused by delivery drivers in the evenings.

Adam said...

What is a "local police beat manager"? Do we have those in the lower parts of Bristol?

SteveL said...

yes, their job is to beat you for riding fixed wheel bicycles.