Monday, 26 October 2009

Secret Primark Parking

A lot of people come to our sight looking for free Cabot Circus parking, but we haven't mentioned Primark yet, which is apparently so popular that people are selfishly parking at Cabot Circus and walking to Primark. This is wrong. Do these people not know that the Cabot Circus consortium invested a lot of money in that parking area, putting in high clearance parking for bigger vehicles, yet now it turns out that people are shopping elsewhere? Even though the parking spaces are now let out at weekends at discounted rates?

We think that people who wish to shop at Primark should park elsewhere, and so are pleased to receive this photo from Cap'n Bikebeard showing a secret parking space?

Where is it? Castle Park. And how exactly does this car get there? That's the secret.

update: Cllr Jon Rogers has forwarded us a note that went round bits of the council last week:
Claire Adams 22/10/2009 12:37
Hi all,
Just a quick note to say that the area in front of the Vaulted Chambers should not be being used for parking by anyone, including family members, friends etc. Please can you pass this on to anyone who may be parking here. In future any cars found parking here will be towed away.
Thanks very much,
Claire Adams
Area Park Manager Central (Acting)
Bristol Parks

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