Saturday, 17 October 2009

Shared use parking area

It's nice to see that the Shared Use area is being used effectively on Cotham Road, now that term time is started.

It can be used by parents dropping their kids off at the Steiner School. We have seen them argue with Parking Services whenever an attempt is made to discourage this, and clearly this term BPS are avoiding the area, so helping harmony develop.

First, the parents use the "buses only" parking area -respected by residents and commuters- for their short stay work

What happens when buses come, cynical viewers may ask? That's simple, they just double park in front of the commuters, just above the build-out indented to help pedestrians to cross.

Doesn't that make it harder for walking schoolkids to cross? not really. There is now parking for those parents who wish to drive to school. More subtly, they make what is otherwise a fast and dangerous road to cross one-way-alternating-traffic. Parents who wish to endanger their children and slow down tax-paying road traffic by walking them to school can now actually cross this wide and fast road more easily

This shows how a mixed use: school-run-parent and bus parking area can actually enhance all school transportation options.

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