Sunday 11 April 2010

anti-car bollards in Montpelier

"Dempser" breaks the sad news that bollards up outside the park entrance off St Andrews Road means you can't park your car safely out the way of passing traffic. Do pedestrians benefit from this? No, not now there are bollards to stop them getting a push chair past P232YEU

We know who loses: the residents. The average vehicle speed up this road is actually higher than for any other road in Montpelier (source: some of the 20mph documents), so when somebody clips your wing mirror, more risk of damage. Worse still, every week or so some HGV lorry ends up here as their satnav directs them to the Bristol St Andrews Road, not the dual carriageway with warehouses out at Avonmouth. Serious risk of damage.

Nobody gains from these bollards, all they do is make the place look bleaker. At least get some decent paint or graffiti on them!

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