Saturday, 24 April 2010

Dove Street Parking Options

Signage changes in Dove Street now show which area is reserved for Wino parking, and which for Gnomes.
While unawares of the Stoke's Croft gnome problem, it is nice to see that those fond of nipping down to the area for a quick beverage now have somewhere convenient to park.

We should also draw everyone's attention to the Hare on the Hill pub, just above where the previous photograph was taken.

It is a Bath Ales pub, and when combined with the Hillgrove, a few doors along, can make for a fine evening out.

We also hear a rumour -just a rumour, that there is a local cider being brewed near here -"Ninetree cider"- from locally grown apples. More investigation is needed.

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rumour confirmed - look at