Monday 19 April 2010

ASL: Advanced Sprint Lane

A lot of the cyclists think the red bit behind the lights, the ASL, is for them -the Advanced Stop Lane. They are misguided. If bicycles could get there, they would end up in the way of vehicles in a hurry. No the ASL, the Advanced Sprint Lane is either for vehicles stuck when the lights changed, or for anyone in a hurry, be they car, motorbike or bus. It is safer for cyclists to stay behind these vehicles, or get off the roads entirely.

Here in Gloucester Road, the VW Golf KE51UWM has pulled into the ASL, ready to sprint forward the moments the lights change. Sadly, there was an equally agressive car coming up from the arches, so the whole goal of the operation -turn right onto Zetland Road without waiting- was not met.

To pull these tricks off, you need a car with good acceleration, and you need good traction. That means either 4 wheel drive, or two wheels and wide tyres in good condition -and a good road surface.

This is why the council-funded Sita street cleaning vehicle GN07UZA has pulled into the Stokes Croft ASL on a red light.
By cleaning the road here they can keep it clear for cars in a hurry. They will also sweep up bits of broken glass, which should stop the cyclists complaining.

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Anonymous said...

Whenever I reach a set of lights with a vehicle in the ASL, I overtake and cut in front of them to wait in the space between the ASL and the pedestrian crossing, just to prove a point.