Tuesday 27 April 2010

Taking over a street

Look at this! This is one of our road-tax financed streets, one with a nice bit of short stay yellow lines outside the Somerfields supermarket for a quick beer & tobacco purchase run, yet the car driver who has just done that cannot reverse out, as there is a tree and the entourage in the way!

They are there, taking up the whole road, camouflaged. No hi-viz, no helmets, no single file. Or insurance, registration, MOTs. If the car had reversed into them, you know who would have got the blame, don't you? The driver. And if the EU automatic-blame-the-driver legislation gets imposed on us here then you can be sure that these tree people will be jumping in front of cars just to claim insurance off us! Tambourines and violins are not a substitute for body armour and lane discipline.

It may be normal in Somerset to pootle round like a tree, but this is a big city now, and there needs to be signs on the A38, A370 and other approaches saying "trees dismount". Or laws requiring them to sport the appropriate safety gear, travel single file and pull over when a tax paying car needs to get past.

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