Saturday, 10 April 2010

Lorry parking

The trouble with driveways is that they are rarely big enough to park your lorry.

The driver of this vehicle G596JYC was forced to park on the pavement, here on Alcove road, between the Railway Path and Eastville Park. This shows inadequate forward planning when these houses were built. Yes, they were built in a time when cars and driving down Fishponds Road to the city centre was part of the vision of the future, but nobody had thought that the household's motor vehicle collection would comprise three cars, one caravan and a small truck.

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Joby said...

On a recent jaunt to Holyhead via NCR5 the Sustrans people dared put the NCR route right past someones house with a car park the size of a small country:

How dare Sustrans be so inconsiderate to the Welsh residents.