Monday, 5 April 2010

Learning to park proper like

We love the sight of L-plated cars parking "Bristol style". If you want to drive in this city, you need to know how to park in it, and the first rule is knowing which signs you can ignore. Yellow stripes on the ground are a good starting point.

Here. Robbies instruction car WR57FYY makes discreet use of the available space on West Park, between Whiteladies Road and Cotham Hill.

And on a different morning, an AA instructor shows someone the correct way to park on a corner of Kingsdown parade with their car GF59UXH
Neither of these number plate strings appear in Google's datacentres at the time of writing, so we welcome them to the World Wide Web.

Apologies for the camera strap in the way, some of our reporters are, well, incompetent.

Incidentally, can we ask all web sites that put videos and photos of cars up to use the full registration number without any spaces. It's what the car dealers do, and helps keep things consistent. This means that you can search for KY08XHW and not only get quotes selling this car second hand with 11,000 miles on it, you can see our page noting this car was used for teaching people how to drive round Bristol, and therefore its clutch, gearbox and suspension are toast, regardless of the mileage. Same for KS08KK0: search engines work best with consistent identifiers. This is why the dealers and the Bristol Traffic project use single-word registration numbers, and we encourage others too: its the only way to integrate properly across the web.

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