Tuesday 14 January 2014

Colston Street: back to normal

People will be pleased to know that Colston Street’s bike path is now back to its original role: short stay parking for visitors
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I would have stopped for a kid but not 'im!

Lovely bit of traffic jam road rage here, with the driver of S164JRP and his dog giving the cyclist a hard time for trying to cross through near-stationary traffic

There's a bit of fun after 1:10 where the driver in front says a lot of kids come that way -would he have stopped then?

To which the driver says "I would have stopped for a kid but not 'im!"

We don't advocate showing preferential treatment to anyone -children, adults, slow-moving elderly. If you let kids cross the road safely, then you will lure them into complacency which will only get them run over as they get older. Furthermore, there's the question of "when does adulthood begin?". Do you stop for kids under 16 but not above that? Is 18 the threshold -even if they are still at school?

It's just too hard to discriminate this way -just abuse everyone and be done with it.

Friday 3 January 2014

Bristol is not currently under water

As of 11:44, Bristol is not under water. It may well be at 20:45 tonight, or 09:20 Saturday morning

On Avon Crescent, the council are putting up a barrier with sandbags

 Somewhere we have some photos to scan of this road being under water in 1990. Hint, avoid living in places with names like "avon", "harbour", "river" or "mead" -as every so often the water comes back to remind you where the name came from.

The avon is full, though it is draining fast
 And it makes a good change from the normal mud-flat view of the area.
Presumably the A4 portway and Avon gorge cycle paths are places to avoid tonight.

If you do want a view of any floods tonight, although the Pump House is more photogenic, the Novia Scotia pub is a better place to drink beer. They often serve pints of Heavy on draught, to get the Auld Scotia feel.