Friday 10 April 2009

Civic vs Focus

So, that Honda Civic that so loves the corner of Wilder Street and Brunswick Street didn't manage to bag its favourite parking spot this morning. Instead, a black Ford Focus (registration Y818KCU) managed to beat it to the punch.

However, unfortunately for said Ford Focus' owner, it seems to have fallen foul of a morning PCSO patrol and scored itself a Fixed Penalty Notice, sometime around 9am By 10am a winch truck had turned up. The recovery driver was very polite - he checked around to see if the owner of the offending Focus was around, explained how he's not paid per car, that he doesn't really enjoy his job ("but what other work is out there these days?"), and said that if the owner was around he wouldn't stop them from driving it away. He dawdled as long as he could, crane looming over Y818KCU for a good 15 minutes whilst he chatted to a local resident who had recently been ticketed, but with no one returning to the vehicle to park it in a more suitable place, he had no option but to take it to the pound.

Honda Civic KF02CKJ, truly you had a lucky escape. But will you come back tomorrow?



1 comment:

seebag said...

Focus vs Civic - but which one is better. There's only one way to find out - FIGHT !!!