Wednesday 8 April 2009

Free Parking in the CPZ No. 2

I was hoping to be flooded with suggestions of where to park my Hummer for free in Bristol City centre. Not one comment. Rubbish. I'm beginning to suspect only cyclists and pedestrians read this blog.

Notwithstanding (a very English word - but strangely German), I have to say I'm immensely impressed with the efforts of the driver of Fiat WN08VDF to park for free most days in the centre.

Could it be the same 'Cloak of Invisibility' that seems to affect me at Start The Bus when I'm trying to get a beer? Dunno, but there are definitely places to leave your bit of metal without them being visible to the Enforcers (as the Park Street Traders know...).

Anyway, why not join in? You just need to brave the signage. (image to follow)

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