Monday, 13 April 2009

The secret alternative to Park Street

It's not shown on the latest cycling city maps, but as it as the same bicycle-with-a-red-ring logos as spotted on the Portsmouth sea front, it is clear that this is part of the initiative. The lifts at Trenchard Street car park provide a key service to getting new and unfit cyclists around the city -they provide a route from the centre to Park Row that avoids any hill work

Drop down to Trenchard street, go over to the lifts. Floor 8 is the exit level. If you are unsure, aim high, so you have a bit of downhill to do, rather than uphill.


Mike Vella said...

excellent :)

snorkmaiden said...

I presume this must have been posted on April 1st. By the time you've arsed around in the lift (not to mention passing out from inhaling the urinary odours therein) you might as well have WALKED up Park St! Silliness prevails.