Thursday 30 April 2009

St Michael's Hill Cafe Gusto bike park

Cafe Gusto is actually the cafe in the distance, but as it is the most popular cafe on this stretch (free chocolate croissant with every coffee, and free wifi), this is the "cafe gusto stretch". It is where students come to eat at lunchtime -peak times for these cafes is 12-2 Monday to Friday.
We've seen this bus stop before -as short-stay parking.

You could get two bike racks in here, but the pedestrians and bus passengers may be unhappy.

There's also plenty of room round the corner in Paul street.

This pavement gets used as paveparking by minicabs and others (locals?). But not pedestrians. If a bike rack could go up here in a way that kept it visible to people in nearby cafes (theft protection) but not in the main route to the university, it would be handy.


Whats New Lisa Woo said...

Caffe Gusto IS worth the trip up or down that hill
The staff are pretty friendly too and always there to suggest NEW combinations and their Smoothies are to die for
I dont use a bike but totally appreciate your sentiments, its busy up there but a nice "village" feel
Caffe Gusto is always busy but I can see why for people on foot or by bike , even for us non-students its a great stop for a coffee and catch up in the morning

SteveL said...

hey, nobody is criticising gusto. They are open at weekends, Anna is always very nice, and out of lunchtime its nice place to loiter. they also do really good catering.

Whats New Lisa Woo said...

Hi Steve
Yes sorry I wasnt arguing , I was stressing they really ARE worth a slog up the hill , if I can be bothered theres another Caffe Gusto opposite the Childrens Hospital. Thats a great place to sit and people watch !
I dont know about the catering but I see on the website they do AND I found more shops !!!!
( !!!

SteveL said...

If you've ever visited the BRI cafe facilities you'd understand why there are large collection of external cafes just outside the hospital. I always stop by the st michaels gusto and take one down after mistakenly using the cafe inside the BRI once.

Whats New Lisa Woo said...

Yes I believe you !
I know most of the shops around there seem full of hospital staff so I can see why Caffe Gusto do well as they are right opposite the BRI and Childens.
The coffee at Caffe Gusto is superb, I prefer it to most of the others , I bought some in a bag from the shop & I liked it so much and we now drink it at home !!

Unknown said...

gusto is shite, horrible food ignorant staff high prices.. qed next door far far better far friendlier staff. i eat in a lot of cafes and gusto is in my bottom 5 as the next door cafe qed is in my top 3