Friday, 24 April 2009

Prosecution or Persecution

This commuter will come to their car to find a ticket on it for being parked on two of the zig-zags of the Cotham Road zebra crossing.

What is odd is this crossing has very long zigzags, compared to the one on Cotham Road South. A car parked where this one is does not obstruct any visibility of crossing pedestrians on the wide zebra crossing, nor does it inconvenience car or bus traffic. bikes turning have to swing out a bit early, that's all.

Why then is it being harassed when cars park with impunity round the corner? Presumably they've made the mistake of parking here during the day, for the whole day. Whereas the vehicles visiting the shops round the corner are short stay, popping in on their drive home, hence not parking on the zebra crossing during the hours that Parking Services functions.

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