Sunday, 26 April 2009

corner parking offences competition

There are two topics for the next few weeks photo contributors to keep a special eye on.
  • Carol Voerderman parking in Clifton or elsewhere, especially somewhere she shouldn't, like outside the Tesco mini-mart.
  • Cars not just parked on a corner, but going for a set of extra violations.
To begin then, the Fiat Punto X352DEP

  1. corner parked
  2. a long way from the corner
  3. sticking out into the road
  4. having possibly just driven down a one way street

That puts the count at: four. This part of Fremantle Square, incidentally, is outside the proposed RPZ, so the vehicle will be able to continue parking this way even as a non-resident.

contributions that equal or better this to bristol.traffic at gmail dot com.

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Unknown said...

Tricky one to beat!