Friday 1 May 2009

Billboard Campaign

We have teamed up with central government to produce this new advertising campaign for the Bristol Traffic web site, one that makes it clear that anyone walking or cycling is a potential subversive who should be reported to the police.

Expect to see this being rolled out across the city centre soon. First location -the bottom of Arley Hill.
[credit to this application]


Bamblesquatch said...

Superb, and whole-heartedly agree with this; the original campaign's as evil as it is short-sighted & absurd.

Kieran said...

Really made my day. I never knew that living under a communist regime could be such fun. Well done Gordon and New Labour.

SteveL said...

If you liked it, check out the Flickr Pool

Chris Hutt said...

Brilliant. This is a classic. I'll put a link on Twitter.