Thursday 14 May 2009

Insensitive bike parking

The way this bike is parked, it is blocking all access to the pavement alongside the Scotsman pub. At the very least, this will inconvenience the driver of the Mercedes W679PBD

The vehicle to its left, is the Easy Runner store van, who are based across the road.
This shop, which proudly sports a "Say no to CPZ" sign, is the premier running shop in Bristol -the best place to by high visibility clothing to ensure that you are not run down by a car when running round the city streets.
Some people may feel there is something wrong with a running shop trying to enhance runner safety yet against plans to control city parking, and seemingly willing to park on the pavements themselves, but that is missing the point. Hi-Viz clothing is more than a defence against being run-over, it is a fashion statement!

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