Monday 11 May 2009

L-plate work

The L-Plate database has been getting a bit sparse, showing that the driving schools are failing to teach their customers how to park properly in this city -when and how to make effective use of corners, pavements, double yellow lines and school keep clear zones. Pedestrian activists may celebrate this, but it means that the students -the paying customers- are not being taught the skills they need to drive and park in the city.

This car WU55XGA is showing that Micro Driving School gives their customers the skills they need, by teaching them hill-start double yellow line work right in the city centre, on Colston Street. Brave.

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WestfieldWanderer said...

Probably the driving instructor is telling his pupil to give way to the two prime examples of Britain's Obesity Epidemic about to pass in front of the car. In the event of a collision the damage to the poor little car might be considerable.