Monday, 24 August 2009

Bristol Cycing Chic? Enemy of the economy more like!

While touring with the WoEP to explore the options for BRT through St Werburgh's, we come across this woman in a lovely summer dress, pushing her bike up the hill, her arms full of flowers. It looks charming, doesn't it?

Don't be fooled. Not only is she out and about without hi-viz clothing and a helmet, or even waterproofs, she is singlehandedly undermining our nation's economic recovery. We pulled her over to offer her one of our emergency hi-viz tops, for a nominal fee. Not only did she turn us down, she went on to explain that these plants were flowers she sold, and that they are running a flower business -Bella and Fifi Flowers. These flowers are being organically grown in a St Werburgh's allotment, then picked up by hand and resold in the area, from their little flower van.

This is a van that is over ten years old, yet these people are doing nothing to help car salesmen in need by buying something newer. They are selling flowers, yet are doing nothing to help the long-haul freight industry by sourcing them from abroad or elsewhere in the country. They may think that they are being green, and environmentally friendly, but in reality they are the people holding back this country's economic recovery. People like this, who are trying to make-do and go-local instead of getting into even more debt supporting the great-motor-economy, are the source of Britain's financial problems.


Jon Rogers said...

Leaving aside the WoEP plans for BRT, the international effects on the economy and the safety aspects of high viz jackets, I would like to say that Bella and Fifi made proud parents even prouder at our daughter's wedding! Jon

WestfieldWanderer said...

The sad bit about all this is that there are some out there who actually really do think like that and would take your words seriously.