Thursday, 10 March 2011


Some of the cyclists think that if there are enough of them on our roads the rest of society will suddenly welcome them, it will suddenly become safer, and that everyone will happily dance around singing Dutch songs. Well, we have some bad news there

The increase in the number of people cycling, combined with the rises in petrol's costs, merely makes us angrier and more resentful

It's not enough they aren't paying to use the roads, they hold us up. The more bicycles, the more we get held up. We can experiment with this by secretly instrumenting cyclists and then collecting the videos, and seeing if conflict increases or decreases over time.

Here we see white van YB06BDO being held up by a bicycle as it turns into Cotham Hill from Aberdeen Road. It stops. What does the rider have to complain about? At least this driver wasn't on the phone.

He stopped, polite discussion followed. None of this road-rage stuff. A friendly city. Why do they complain so?


thescouselander said...

Bad driving indeed by white van man. But - was that cyclist about to ride across the zebra crossing? It didn't look like a shared use crossing from what I could see.

White Van Man 1 : Cyclist 1

Naughty naughty.

SteveL said...

halting, dismounting along with small child and then using the pelican crossing to get over whiteladies road. It's not an ideal dismount location, but doing on the LHS is more hazardous.