Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Attn: Noah's Ark Zoo Farm

Dear Noah's Ark Zoo Farm,

Someone in your employ appears to have posted a comment on one of our articles:

Zoo has left a new comment on your post "Eagle Coaches at Bristol Zoo":

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As stated in our comment policy on spam postings, " Such attempts SHALL result in one or more postings in which we MAY be rude or we MAY make fun of you". In accordance with our policy, we opt to be rude.
  1. How can you call yourself a zoo when you don't believe in evolution? It'd be like a geology museum that thought the earth began a hundred thousand years ago and yet had to come up with explanations for sandstone that denied that they were historic deserts, that the limestone that your zoo stands on isn't the relics of Cretaceous-era coral reefs.
  2. Why do you hide the fact that many of your animals are on loan from a circus. If you believe your religious claims are valid, then surely you ought to come out and be proud of the fact that the creatures -to which humans have divine rights over- are mistreated. Why feel guilt?
  3. How can the local councils justify sending their schoolkids to a zoo whose belief system is at odds with modern rational thinking about the nature of the universe and life -and how to treat animals?
  4. If you do wish to deny the whole notion of modern rational thought then why are you using computers whose existence is based on experimental science working at the nanometre scale? At least people like the Amish and the Mennonites are willing to live consistently within their world view.
We don't know what you were thinking paying some tier-3 loser to post such badly written comments on our site about your zoo, but this is the response.

If you feel that our claims that your beliefs about evolution are utterly mistaken, please file a lawsuit.

If you do want to pick on a bit of science, go for the low level physics stuff, the bits nobody really understands. Not evolution. Seriously.

Thank you for your participation in the Bristol Traffic project. It was not expected, and no doubt, neither was this response.


amoeba said...

In light with being rude or poking fun.
There are some real problems with Noah's Ark, if one presumes it is true.
a) Where did the water sufficient for the global flood come from?
b) Where did the water sufficient for the global flood go to?
c) If the flood occurred, the water must have been fresh water, or it would have poisoned the world's soils. However, such a rapid addition of such an amount of fresh water to the world would have destroyed many marine habitats. So where did the salt-water fish and other marine life come from? They couldn't have evolved since then.
The flood is Bronze-age BS.

amoeba said...
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amoeba said...

One wonders why this 'zoo' maintains its connection with a circus that allegedly abused an elephant.(http://www.gazette-news.co.uk/news/4712631.Tendring_tightens_rules_on_circus_animals/)
A repulsive video showing some of the alleged abuse.