Sunday, 13 November 2011

Railwaypath Ghost Cyclist

We've been using the term Ghost Rider to describe someone who chooses to die on a bicycle, usually by RLJ-ing. The last video of someone on a bike crashing into a pedestrian causes us to look at the rest of taypet21's video collection. This person is a threat to the rest of the city. really.

Look at this video where he crashes into someone walking down the railway path. It's like he sees the women, and rather than try and slow down, he speeds up and runs into the screaming. If this was us, we'd destroy the evidence rather than put it up on youtube


amoeba said...

The YouTuber who uploaded this [IIRC Taypet21], is an ignoranus [sic]. He is arrogant, rude, unapologetic and blames everyone else and believes he is the victim of circumstances, except of course he is entirely responsible for his own stupid actions.

He is an enemy of reasonable persons everywhere, a menace to the Public too. He is no friend of cycling.

I am led to believe his bike is electrically assisted.

D. said...

The video seems to have gone to "This is a private video" - is this embarassment on the part of the original youtuber?

SteveL said...

@D -that or he took the hint about never uploading your own road traffic offences.

Chris Percival said...

This video has been public for at least 9 months, up until now. Very suspect..

Valerie Sinatra said...

His whole account has been made private as he seems to have been clearly identifiable from one of his own videos and people have been able to work out who he is, both from his own video and various other characteristics of his riding, not limited to the fact he rides and electric bike with front and back facing cameras.

amoeba said...

Comments on Taypet21's video and some of his replies are visible here:

I recommend you read the comments.