Wednesday 11 July 2012

Police Tactics

Good to see the Police are employing people to help discourage cycling in Bristol. Especially trying to discourage those travelling with children onboard their bicycle for the school run (as was the case in this video submitted by S via our East Bristol franchise). The TSD Fleet Support vehicle WX11EWN is a van that is registered as an Avon and Somerset Police Force vehicle and even shows up as part of proud collection of vehicles on Flickr if you Google "TSD Fleet Support Flickr".

Visit the videos Youtube page for full info at


Rhode Long said...

That is appalling driving from the boys in blue.

gentlegreen said...

Mind bogglingly bad.

At least the driver is in the right place to get some training.

amoeba said...

It took my breath away!

I do hope that this has been submitter to Roadsafe and the Police Authority.