Saturday, 18 August 2012

Saving the taxpayer money

We like this.

By selflessly parking on the pavement, the driver of this Audi - WV56YKD - has managed to save us, the tax payers, the expense of at least 3 square metres of new pavement surfacing in Redland. We are impressed.

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Anonymous said...

I love it, posting pictures of dickheads parking on the pavement.

Name and shame! I must do the same.

In the last week ...

- a garage with two vehicles on double yellow lines, on pavement, a third vehicle overhanging pavement from forecourt
- 4x4 parked on double yellow line, across dropped curb
- 4x4 parked on double yellow lines, across dropped curb, close to junction, on a bend, outside a nursery school

Previous week, large car parked entirely on pavement forcing pedestrians into a busy road to get by.

Council enforcement officers more interested in catching a few minutes over in a car park than dealing with real issues.