Sunday 28 October 2012

Search Terms

Here's one of our intermittent lists of search terms that bring visitors to the site. No particular order, just interesting ones
  • readers wifes at #9. New one this. Popular. Who knew?
  • clevedon viewers wives. special interests. Clevedon is very dark at night.
  • mod abbey wood, abbey wood modmod abbey wood parking, parking at abbeywood: the exclusion zone is still there.
  • bri bristol parking,
  • inurl:blogspot "post a comment" -"comments closed" -"you must be logged in" "driving schools" -got a lot of comment spam on the 2nd2none driving schools argument.
  • parking near cabot circusfree parking near cabot circus, free parking bristol city centre, secret parking near cabot circus: as if.
  • are quads allowed in bus lanes in bristol - good q. Don't know. Maybe if they are minicabs.
  • can you get a speeding ticket in a 20mph zone. Theoretically.
  • cotham cpz progress: the paint is up
  • found all four tyres slashed in wordsworth road, bristol. Not good. 
  • how bad is the traffic on the ringroad around bristol. just dont.
  • accident in ashley hill bristol: going to cover this. Pedestrian death, not in the 20mph stretch.
  • learner driver on strange three wheeler motorbike on henleaze road bristol uk shouting at drivers. News to us, but we can believe it.
  • men take up too much space. The country is split 50/50 on this one.
  • my car has been towed by dvla avonmouth Better visit Avonmouth then.
  • short cuts fishponds to bristol airport: ask a minicab driver.
  • the bristolian cafe: re-opening soon
  • unicycle lessons bristol. Why?
  • was the bearpit bristol used as a bear pit: it still is on a friday night.
  • what does a yellow hatched box mean painted on the road. Somewhere you can stop and legally text.
  • why has ashley road bristol uk became so congested with traffic. Become? You've not lived here long enough.
  • how to complain against a ticket parked with one or more wheels on the pavement if my car don't fit. Tell the judge you need the range rover to get to the family estate during the grouse season -and would he like to come? Works every time.
  • 4x4 funeral car where the coffin goes. On the roof. Deer Body bags work here. If stopped, tell the polis you are returning from a trip to estate.
  • bristol escorts 24/7 yate. Fuel costs making city trips too expensive?
  • safe dismounting a horse correctly. No idea.
  • persecution for parking on a dropped kerb. Exactly. It's the war on motorists. 
  • mighty banana van -that's Chris Chakley's -emperor for life of the PRSC. Often found in St Werburghs too.
  • traveller vans st werburghs. See above
  • news college road clifton bristol car wing mirror. Wing mirror "events" aren't news in the rest of the city. Maybe clifton is being anti-gentrified. 
  8. (twitter redirects)
It's only taken a month or two and Crap Walking and Cycling is up there as a key referrer; Joe Dunkley's War on the Motorist site still ahead.

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