Friday 4 January 2013

Why torch bunker bikes?

Happy New Year to our readers! There may only be eight of you, but that still keeps us ahead of the Evening Post print run!

Back in October, we took a quick look at Bunker bikes, who fix up second hand bikes to sell at low cost to people in the city.
Somebody took the torch to their bike collection on New Year's Eve.

While our allies, the Association of British Drivers, will no doubt praise this, we are going to condemn it.

  1. It does nothing to solve the city's traffic problem: too many cyclists, all it does it stop it get slightly worse.
  2. It polarises society.
  3. It's a waste of (expensive) petrol.
If someone is going to take some petrol and a match to part of our fair city, they would be best off torching something that would unite the community, places that nobody would miss.

In our opinions, that includes
  • Broadmead. All of it.
  • The Lewins Mead tower blocks
  • The strip mall off st philips flyover -the Showcase cinema and associated shops.
  • Any warehouse converted into an indoor play area, especially those somewhere near Cribbs Causeway or other obscure locations. All parents fear invites to children's birthday parties at these locations.
  • Easton in Gordano motorway service station. 
  • The outlet shops by MoD abbey wood. (So obscure, they won't be missed by their neighbours, let alone the rest of the city)
  • The strip mall on the A4 after Bristlington
  • Colston Tower in the centre.
See? There are lots of places that are both ugly, unpleasant and expendable. There are others that are ugly and unpleasant that we do need -which is why Asda Bedminster must, sadly, be left off the list. Tesco Cheltenham Road needs to be left off to stop the police blocking the road again.

Bunker Bikes? It doesn't merit a mention.

Also on the topic of NYE activities, someone nicked a few bunny rabbits from the St Werburgh's farm. It's the wrong time of year for lapin-aux-poivres -the lapins will be a bit stringy.  Wait until May and the next batch of piglets will be ready for the BBQ.


between-the-lines said...

Clearly a militant group of insurgent value engineers at work in the area.

Bristol Traffic said...

It is suspiciously close to the BRT route, isn't it?

Ethan said...,-2.620851&spn=0.00234,0.005794&z=17&iwloc=0004c4917fc4dd4b763fe&source=embed&dg=feature