Thursday 20 November 2008

Council Parking Strategy

We have discovered the council's parking strategy. It's not a secret, what is surprising is there actually was a strategy. One that places priority on parking enforcement in the "outer zone" -that's the non-revenue earning parts of the city- to : avoid obstructions to traffic flow, to avoid road safety hazards and to maintain journey time reliability for buses. No mention of bike paths. no direct mention of safe pedestrian crossing. Just traffic flow. Interesting

Most ironical statement of the report is the risk assessment on page 8:
The City Council's effectiveness as a Transport Authority is at risk in the absence of a comprehensive and coherent Parking Strategy.
Yes it is.
[Photo: End of CPZ on St Michael's Hill. For anyone doing hill-climbing training, this is the turnaround point and a time for rest before repeating the climb. The two buildings on the right are scheduled for replacement by something more grandiose in the University plans. ]

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Where is the money coming from for all these strategies for organising cars?

You'd think that the council members who can read a balance sheet may suggest there are more effective ways to improve the city- like encouraging not polluting forms of transport more aggresively...