Sunday 2 November 2008

Improved Ashley Road Parking

It's a good thing the council narrowed the pavement here on Lower Ashley Road, because it's now the perfect width for Renault WP05BZC to pause while father and son pick up a takeaway. It's so heartwarming to see parking skills being passed on to the next generation. When this boy grows up, he will most likely be similarly resourceful in his parking pursuits. Furthermore, by blocking the pavement entirely, they will ensure that no bicycles will cycle along it, endangering pedestrians.

The excitement of St. Pauls is now enhanced by being able to walk out directly into the traffic lane which replaced the previously wide pavement and cycle lane. Who cares about safety or access when we have to get all those single occupant vehicles to Cabot Circus so that they can buy really necessary things to put in their cars? Certainly not Colin Knight, head of Bristol Transport Operations who can be thanked personally for this forward thinking planning at colin.knight at

Perhaps we should rename "Cycling City"- "Driving Your Car with the Bike on the Back to the Cycle Path City"

[Photos and commentary from "J":]


Anonymous said...

I live on Cairns Crescent (the left hand turn that is pretty much on this junction just before that corner) and have an 8 month old baby and I have to wak in the road to get past the Nile restaurant most days due to the pavement parking! I'd like to send you some photos if I may - I'd love to try and get this stopped! Last time I said something I got a load of abuse.....

SteveL said...

1. yes, more photos

2. looks like we need to escalate this, as it is a recent "improvement". Before the bike lane was taken away and the road narrowed: no problem.

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