Monday 10 November 2008

Spoof web site: Association of British Drivers

Although this web site is a datamining project to build a statistically valid dataset on vehicle activities in our city, some people seem to think it is some kind of spoof. Not us

If you want to see a spoof site, go to the Association of British Drivers, who only this week have announced that they are going to organise a meeting in Almondsbury (North of Bristol -you'd need to drive there) to complain that Bristol is Anti-Car. One of their complaints is that Cabot Circus is anti-car! That's right, the changes made to the junctions to allow an extra 2500 parking spaces is somehow anti-motorist.

This organisation is not only better at understanding what causes congestion -its the bike and bus lanes- but they actually believe to be better global warming scientists than the entire weather pattern and paelometeorology community, and that it is entirely a big conspiracy. Presumably one by bristol council. A good example here is their Anti Bus lane page, which argues that bus lanes are wrong because people will use buses more, so creating ticketing delays and making journeys worse for public transport travellers.

With such campaigning organisations, there is no need for the Bristol Cycling Campaign to do anything satirical. We just watch.


green tomato said...

Steve thanks for the plug to my spoof pro-car site. Obviously i made it too subtle and you thought it was genuine. I must try harder to be funny. I am suprised you didnt realise it was a spoof when you saw in the list of vehicles to be allowed in bus lanes 'Lifeboat crew responding to emergency call'. It has rained a lot lately I suppose!

SteveL said...

Actually the awful site layout gave it away. That and the use of Comic Sans as the premium font.

Anonymous said...


Anyone who uses Comic Sans outside nursery school is clearly in need of help - desperately.

Seriously though, I wonder if Mr Tomato has given any thought to the fact that, rather than the council, congestion in Bristol is more likely caused by lots of selfish idiots in under-occupied motorised 3-piece suites all trying to use the roads at the same time?