Friday 7 November 2008

Integrated Transport Hub

Some of the local Green party activists are pushing for a "transport hub" near Templemeads. After the experience of trying to get a bus home from Templemeads at 9 pm, we opted for a transport hub that works: Bristol Parkway.

It costs 5 pounds a day to park here. Even with fuel costs, that's less than the bus fares for two people. It's way cheaper than the taxi too. And if your train from London comes it at 11pm, you can't be sure there will much of either around. Yes, Bristol has an integrated transport hub today: Parkway!


Anonymous said...

And to further integrate transport at Parkway, drum roll please, heeeere's Hourbike:

Anonymous said...

I thought that was the idea behind Parkway stations?

SteveL said...

Yes, "parkways" are to park your car. But they then mandate a car. However, having tried to bus to and from templemeads last summer, I know why I'm driving 6 miles rather than get a 2 mile bus journey.

bumcrackmosh said...

Hi, i'm a university student who is studying journalism and i am planning on using this idea as a news story for my coursework (which will not be published). I was just hoping, as i couldn't find any of your contact details, if you could help me as to who these green party activists are and if there any ways of contacting them?
Please could you help? Many thanks!
Fran Carless

SteveL said...

Fran, traffic at railwaypath dot org finds us. As for the activitsts, try
Stockwood Pete