Sunday 30 November 2008

Dangerous Dropoff

Parents care for their kids. Here is one who is trying to do everything right. He's bought the 4x4 for its extra safety. He's driving the kid to school, not walking. He's parked the car right on the keep clear markings on the corner outside the nursery school so the distance between car and school is least. All designed to maximise child safety.

Yet right at the last minute: gets the kid in the truck V054EVP out from the roadward side of the vehicle. On the corner. Now, a 4X4 is wide enough you probably can't reach across from the other side, but surely this dad takes their little one to nursery regularly, and would know what to do. You park the car in the same place it is now -the keep clear zone on the corner- but facing the other way. You just need a drive-to-school routeplan which pulls the car up outside the school with the kid's door on the pavement side -better yet, up on the pavement itself.

Just as Transport for London has a web site to plan walking routes, we need something that shows parents the safest way to drive their kids to their schools

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