Sunday 2 November 2008

logistical problems

A spot of bother in Kingsdown, where a car is parked on -wait for it- the pavement of Spring Hill, a road marked as "unsuitable for wide vehicles".

Though as you can happily walk up the centre of the quiet road, it's not that much of an issue.

Trickier for cars though, this one just managed to get past it

The key problem being the steps further up: you can't continue on the pavement all the way.

Despite the fact that vehicles can get past it, and with no side wing mirror this vehicle is almost designed for such parking, the police have actually ticketed D544BLP. While this is a rare event to be treasured in our database with the tag "ticket", we do have to wonder why it got it. Was it (a) it was blocking the pavement in its entirety or (b) making hard for cars to get past? We have a theory, which will be expanded on tomorrow.

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