Monday 17 November 2008

John Carr's Terrace #2

First, a correction to the earlier post. John Carr's Terrace, behind the H&A, isn't part of the zone.

Even so this Brandon Hill back road isn't a great place to think about parking your car before heading down to the Hope and Anchor for a few of their fine beers. But it will end up surrounded by restricted parking areas, so it is handy to remember.

If the CPZ included an enforcement of those double and single yellow pavements, the parking capacity of this road would drops by half. Presumably every vehicle on the right hand side of this photo belongs to a household that voted against the plan. And everyone on the left, because the vehicles on the right would be trying to get into their area.

There's a price of staying out the CPZ area though: the cars don't get the option of parking on Jacob's wells road. By opting to retain the right to park illegally on the pavement by their house, they've lost the option of parking legally round the corner.

[photo by Chris Hutt]

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