Sunday 16 November 2008

Victims of the CPZ

Today's EP has an editorial critical of the CPZ scheme, as it will remove parking for shoppers and commuters. Yes it will. This stretch of Horfield Road will join the scheme, and it will therefore be impossible for cars like the VW touran WP57OGR from popping in to the shops.

Given that Kingsdown is a conservation area, one hopes that the signage of the new no-parking areas will be marked out subtly, perhaps with some discreet yellow lines or something, maybe even add some railings to the pavement to show that pavement parking is no longer allowed.

What we don't know is what the impact on local business be if customers can longer park for free on the pavement outside their premises.


SP said...

Jeez that is some arrogant pavement parking you saw there, presumably while catching your breath at the top of the hill.

Do you think driver ever walks anywhere?

SteveL said...

I was walking down the hill -I don't remember why now. Fortunately I was walking down on the other side of the road, as there is no way I'd have been able to squeeze past that car. And with my knee injury I'm not nimble enough to leap over the railings and sprint round before a car came down.

Just to the right of the pic, there's a patch of land that the BRI was trying to get planning permission to put in a block of 6 flats with underground parking that would require the owners to reverse out below a blind hill by the corner. Some of felt this was unwise and mentioned that fact in our opposition note.