Thursday 27 November 2008


There's a story in the local newspaper this week that someone in Bristol Parking Services was sacked for harassing a car, for ticketing it when legally parked. There are few details on this topic, as the other staff refer you the press office for more information.

With no information on that event, we can only talk about what we see, and here, on a university survey, there is clear evidence the BPS are persecuting a car. Its a weekday morning and this car is about to towed away. The tow truck has pulled up on St Michael's Hill.

Look, its only a single yellow line. There are some rules in small print -no loading 0800-0900, but this is 09:01, so the more relaxed "no parking" rules apply. Yet you can park everywhere else round here.

The tow truck driver clamps every wheel, then lifts the car onto its flatbed, nobody knows where they go after.

Why is this car being persecuted? What has it done to offend Bristol Parking Services? It is a vendetta!


Anonymous said...

Yes - I see your point.

The car's breaching the 'No Parking / No Waiting 8am - 6pm' rule on the yellow sign.

But the Truck driver is breaking the 'No Loading 8:00 - 9:15' rule by loading the car onto the back of his truck 14 minutes before it is permitted.

Seems that it's one rule for the poor persecuted, taxed driver, and one rule for everyone else.

SteveL said...

Exactly. It is creating more of a traffic jam than just leaving the car. A ticket would have sufficed.