Wednesday 19 November 2008

Not affected by the CPZ

When the CPZ is rolled out to York Road, Clifton, it won't be live on a sunday, so this taxi will be able to park on the pavement by the double yellow lines on a Sunday lunchtime.

Some aspects of Bristol life will remain unchanged. Taxis are allowed to park where they like.
[taxi #2036 PX55SVL]


Anonymous said...

Be fair - there are some conscientious taxi drivers in this city. Like the one who refused to drop me off on the yellow zig-zags outside my house. At 2am on a Sunday morning!

SteveL said...

wow. But at least they got you home. We should have an article that says nice things about taxis and minicabs. They are more reliable and cost effective than firstbus (usually), and when my bike got stolen, it was my ex-minicab neighbour who volunteered to tour the gloucester road second hand stores, in case there was "trouble".

Bristol Dave said...

Watch how quickly they complain if you stop in a taxi bay for 10 seconds whilst dropping someone off (and it really is 10 seconds rather than the 5 minutes it takes them to collect the fare etc).

They seem to forget their own standards of double-parking, parking on double yellows, parking on the pavement, blocking streets etc - but somehow that's OK because it's their livelihood, I guess?

Dave said...

1. to stop and leave (a vehicle) temporarily

I guess as the brake lights are on the vehicle has not been left?!

Chris Hutt said...

Yellow lines prohibit waiting as well as parking so the fact that the driver is in the taxi makes no difference. Also he drove along the footway for about 20 metres which is a separate offense.

In any case there was a generous parking space available on the other side of the road in front of the house of the fare, so it's hard to see any excuse for not using it.

Incidentally yellow lines apply to the full width of the highway and include the whole of any footway and any verge.