Friday 28 November 2008

Crossing Markings

The author of this post may actually qualify for a disabled sticker. Certainly when the doctor finally got back to me on the phone 3 months after the MRI they spoke about "long term mitigation", which would seem to apply acceptance of the state . And to make up for not being able to walk or run around: you get to park almost anywhere. It means I know what its like to have to accept that things aren't going to get better, walking will hurt. And as for trying to cross roads in this city -if you can't run, forget it!

Because walking across roads in the city for disabled people is so hard, this driver is forcec to park on the keep clear approach lines of a (light controlled) pedestrian crossing on a busy road. These lines are not there to improve traffic flow, they are to provide a safe view of the crossing to approaching cars. One might think, therefore, that parking here would endanger pedestrians. Clearly the driver of this car does not think so, and we must respect their judgement.

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