Sunday 16 November 2008

Demi Drives

We have a new concept to introduce today, the demi-drive

This is a phrase which, once it gains in popularity, will be used more in popular conversation, and estate agent marketing: "It's a pretty flat with a demi-drive in the front". Or in navigation: "take the second demi-drive on the left". Because you see, it is a parking thing. And in the space of five minutes on the parental-sprog-run, I came across three in adjacent streets.

What, then is a demi-drive? It is a driveway that only has room for half a car in it. There are a number of reasons for this. The car could be too big for the allocated space, as for J40ARG here.

It pokes out onto pavement, leaving only a little space for pedestrians. As only half the car is in the drive, it's a demi-drive.

Another reason could be that there is already a vehicle in the driveway, as for GN03CZH.

They've tried to park, but because of the large red van in the main drive, only the demi-drive was left. There is at least 20-30cm to squeeze past, which is adequate for pedestrians and helps ensure that bicycles cannot sneak down the pavement.

A final motivation for a demi-drive is that the drive is full of clutter. Note that although it might be possible for the car to park in front of the drive, by using the demi-drive, S005LYG frees up another space in the street.

That's why demi-drives are so valuable. Even if your driveway only takes one car, if you back it right up you have a demi-drive, creating room for another. No doubt within the new CPZ, everyone with a demi-drive will be laughing.

Have you seen any demi-drives? Keep an eye out. Contributions to traffic at

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SP said...

I know the owner of J40 ARG. He runs a very important business, the survival of which is dependent on his being able to park outside the office. This is more than important than people being able to use the pavement.

He lives in a beautiful large house on the other side of the downs, and he couldn't possibly buy a shorter car as the neighbours would laugh.