Friday 7 November 2008

This is skill

No satire: praise. Look how well the refuse truck is managing to squeeze past these cars in Clifton. There's about 6 centimetres from the body of the truck to that of the car on either side -the wing mirrors aren't clipping only because the truck's mirrors are at a different height.

That really is skill. These drivers have better knowledge of the width of their vehicle and how to negotiate narrow streets than anyone else. Mind you, they do have to drive around these streets five days a week, doing every street in the city. They can't not do one road in Montpelier because it's a bit tricky at the corner, or wait until 9:05 to head out when the city is quieter. They have a route plan, a timetable and probably a GPS unit to monitor location.

Well done!

As for the cars: given that trucks can get past, there's no need to feel even the slightest bit of discomfort about how they chose to park.
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