Wednesday 12 November 2008

Insensitive Bike Parking

Here, in front of Christchurch School, clifton, there is a bike parked on the pavement.

any child that made it safely back onto the pavement after navigating the delivery van unloading something for one of the houses and parked in the "School Keep Clear" zone would find their way blocked by this bicycle. No wonder the Evening Post and Association of British Drivers blame bicycles for causing so much of Bristol's traffic problems.


Unknown said...

I disagree, any child could get past that bike, in fact, its that vans part, did you not notice that its parked on a "Keep Clear" area?

On paper this maybe true, but then again, what are bikes meant to do, they have so little provided for them, even in this city, one supposed to be a biking city or whatever it was called.
Its all a bit crap!

SteveL said...

Luke, I think you are missing something obvious here. read some more of the posts and you will recognise our pro-parking anti-bike stance.