Tuesday 24 February 2009

Bristol Blue

It first showed up in our Entering Free Monty posting, now it is time to cover the issue in more detail.

Bristol Taxis are now required to have a standard colour, Blue. This will distinguish them from minicabs, which can retain their grubby beige colour.

Here are some of the new taxis, SH08UCV and SH58PHV, sighted in Alcove Road, Fishponds.

As you can see, they provide a uniform colour scheme for the pavement

And so make everything cheerier

When you compare it to the taxi across the road, W502PHY, the new colour scheme is a clear improvement.


cabbieright said...

I think the green tx1 you compared to the cabs in Bristol blue was a particularly poor example of one. Why not compare the bristol blue cabs to a tx4 in brilliant silver on a 09 plate and then ask a few fare paying passengers which one they think looks better. I think Bristol blue is a pathetic colour which feels like a step back into the 70's. So much for progress. Will be have green buses coming back to? Why not follow the example of London and have tx's in any colour, make drivers wear uniform, have a london style knowledge to rsise standards. People will want to use hackney cabs more for it...Get some real people to make the decisions

SteveL said...

I don't disagree. Personally, I think we'd be better if the council encouraged battery-driven taxis by
1. helping drivers to buy/lease electric cars
2. providing a way of recharging the vehicles at the taxi spots
That would be a positive statement -helping the cars that get driven the most round the city to go non polluting.

cabbieright said...

I couldn't agree more with an incentive to go electric, but I think it'll be very unlikely that the council will ever incentivise this idea, more probably an idea like all drivers to wear pink jackets and matching shoes would warrant an incentive from the likes of them

cabbieright said...

It's a real shame that having decided to renew my hackney cab and opting for a new tx4, I'm horrified to discover that I'd have to spray it in Bristol blue to get it plated. A lovely vehicle in metallic silver would have to be spoilt in Bristol blue.

Who came up with this nonsense of an idea? All cabs in Bristol should be either tx's or Metrocabs and be in any colour with somekind of official wording on the side. Advertising should not be permitted at all. If a driver wants a different vehicle then it will be a private hire vehicle.

London is able to implement this policy, so why not Bristol? It sets such a bad image for Bristol this colour. How can the council trade like this?