Sunday 22 February 2009

Match Day

Chris Hutt was down near Ashton Gate on match day, observing the solutions supporters and residents have to come up with to find somewhere nearby to park

The Audi TT V960JBH has managed to take advantage of the lowered kerb and so get onto the pavement without threatening the bodywork on the low-clearance toy. And its wing mirrors are well protected from passing cars.


WestfieldWanderer said...

I might be imagining things, but does it seem to you that the most common culprits of selfish, thoughtless and arrogant parking (and driving for that matter)are drivers of expensive German cars?
Blitzkrieg Parking!?

SteveL said...

Hard to tell. I have a lovely photo of a mini up on the pavement today -is it a German car, being BMW, or a Mini from cowley?

I think there is a correlation between how much the car is valued by its owner and how far onto the pavement the car goes. The more you value it, the further it edges up on the kerb.

Quercus said...

Dare I mention personalised number plates and 4x4s in particular?

Anonymous said...

I think you have barely touched the problems caused by the football supporters parking in the Ashton Gate are on Match Days. The fac that so many supporters appear to travel by car, as well as the hundreds more that arrange o get dropped off or picked up causes complete gridlock of the area after the final whistle.
Just a few hundred yards away is the Ashton Gate park & Ride car park largely empty at times of matches. Why couldn't this be used and give the football fans some nice parking? Rather than have them worry about whether their wing mirrors will be there when they return to their cars?
The football club & City Council could maybe even arrange a nice covered walkway between the two.

Downfader said...

Just takes a guy in a wheelchair to fit some Roman style weapon to his wheels like the old chariots..